Literary Talent

walter mosley

samuel r. delany

charles saunders

d. lee hatchett

brandon massey

gregory k. morris

tananarive due

nnedi okorafor

carole mcdonnell

l. a. banks

octavia e. butler

evie rhodes



We have assembled twelve of the nation’s most dynamic speculative fiction books as inspiration for our artists.

Like our artists, these individuals are extraordinarily passionate and creative.  This year’s event promises to be a beautiful marriage of literature and art. 

The completed chairs will be left on display in Omaha’s public libraries after the event.  You may click on the authors’ names above to learn more about them and see more of their work.

These early rocking chairs were known as 'carpet cutters' because of the damage done to carpets by repeated rocking in the same place.

“We rock so our youth can write!”