About Us


The Urban Speculative Fiction Literary Foundation (USFLF) is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt, non-profit 501c3, whose sole purpose is to develop the life skills, business acumen, literary talents, and imaginations of our youth through speculative fiction.


USFLF programming is designed to:

·        Highlight career options that exist in the literary industry for urban youth.

·        Increase the general interest in speculative fiction.

·        Develop a generation of urban speculative fiction enthusiasts.

To this end, the USFLF is announcing its 2009-2010 fundraising event entitled “rocking chair-ity”.  This event is designed to bring local artists, civic-minded corporations, and philanthropic citizens together to raise money for our youth.  Proceeds will be used to support the creation of the 2009-10 USFLF Youth Anthology.  You can learn more at www.urbanliterati.org


Programming is simple:

1,    Twelve Adirondack rocking chairs will be provided by the USFLF.


  1. 2.    Twelve corporations and civic organizations for sponsorships.

  1. 3.    Twelve artists will design chairs based on selected books.

4.     The twelve chairs will be featured at 1st annual benefit


  1. 5.   Participants will be recognized with chair plagues.

  1. 6.   Finished chairs will be donated to Omaha’s public libraries.




It is no longer possible to ascertain who actually created the first rocking chair but the story that Benjamin Franklin was the first in 1787 to have had curved rails set under a chair is not true. An earlier bill from the furniture maker William Savery of 1774 bears the inscription: 'to putting rockers on a chair' for which the charge was one shilling and sixpence. 

“We rock so our youth can write!”